GTA 2 Free Download

GTA 2 Free Download

GTA 2 Free Download

Grand Theft Auto 2 is developed and printed under the banner of Rockstar Games. This video game has been released on 30thSeptember, 1999.

GTA 2 PC Game is set in a contemporary metropolis that’s termed as everywhere, USA. The town depicted in this video game has been divided into three districts or level. The 1st level is known as Downtown which is the middle of business activities and also has got a university. The 2nd district includes a residential area and in addition, it contains prison, a park, and a bar according to Elvis theme. The 3rd area consists are called businesses and it’s a huge seaport and a Nuclear Power Plant. The game has got a total of seven gangs which resides in all three districts. The video game has two modes which are noon and dusk. From the Noon manner, the light is quite bright and you will see everything quite clear while on a contrary to the Dusk style is darker with a lot of dynamic lights. you can also download GTA 3.

The gameplay of GTA-2 is similar to its predecessor i.e. GTA 1. The player can explore the town by foot or by vehicle. You will experience the auto sneaking formula in this game as well. In GTA-2 a new feature has been included in which you can take assignments from various gangs. But you must be very cautious here as taking the assignment from 1 gang will cause distrust from another. In GTA-2 SWAT teams continues to be released in Downtown while on the other hand Army and distinctive agents are introduced in Industrial and Residential regions. You can also download GTA San Andreas.

GTA 2 Download

Features of GTA 2

  • Impressive action and adventure video game.
  • 2nd Edition of the famous GTA series.
  • Set in a futuristic metropolis called Anywhere, USA.
  • City portrayed in this video game is divided into three districts.
  • A total of seven gangs comprised.
  • Got 2 modes Noon and Dusk.
  • Similar gameplay as that of GTA-1.
  • Can take assignments from different gangs.
  • SWAT teams, particular agents and military comprised.

System Requirements of GTA 2 

  • Operating System: Tested on Windows 7 64 Bit
  • CPU: Intel Pentium III or later.
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 600 MB

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